Our Concept

Yoga Breakfast Club – creating meaningful mornings!
Our vision is to introduce a morning ritual where the focus is to rejuvenate you.
We offer an environment within our studio or your company to bring the benefits of a much needed, perfect start to the day. The routine begins with an energising yoga practice for all levels followed by a nutritious breakfast ‘Namaskara Platter’.
The traditional yoga flow with meditation awakens the body and the indulging wholesome, vegetarian breakfast platter planned by our nutritionist, compliments the goodness and benefits of yoga.
Call us to personalise a day or event, then leave it to us to create a magical, meaningful morning!

Our Story

The Yoga Breakfast Club is a unison of Swedish values and Indian traditions. Our Founder teacher, Thea Portefaix is a certified nutritionist and yoga teacher with 8 years teaching experience in Hatha yoga. She has taught Hatha yoga flow in Sweden, with emphases on balance between mind and body which is deeply desired here. In India, yoga is a discipline. Our Co-Founder, CEO Reena Lindorff is brought up with deep rooted yoga traditions and practices that will be unique to us. Together, they aim to build a beautiful space where the blended values from both the countries promise to bring the best to YOU.

Thea Portefaix

Co-Founder / Teacher and Nutritionist

Reena Lindorff

Co-Founder / CEO

Our Events

Everyone yearns for a time that gives a deep sense of peace and relaxation. This beautifully designed concept aims to offer a nurturing environment of quiet simplicity and wellness. Our carefully planned events with a beautiful yoga practice and delicious breakfast is aimed to re-energize the mind, body and soul. Each event has a personal touch that leaves each one participating touched in a memorable way. A blend of Swedish culture, influenced with Indian traditions in the yoga routine and breakfast recipes makes the concept exotic and unique.
Contact us to roll out a perfect morning, while you just lay back and relax.


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Address: Private Group

Time: 8:30 - 9:30 am


NaturligtVis Hälsocenter

At NaturligtVis Hälsocenter

Address: Larsbergstorget 4-6, LIDINGÖ

Time: 6:50 - 7:50 am and
8:30 - 9:30 am




Address: Sandhamngatan 63A, 11528 Stockholm, Gärdet